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3S 11.1V 25A w/Balance BMS Protection PCB Board

Package Included: 1 x Battery Protection Board Matters need attention: 1. Strictly connect according to  wiring diagram : 0V(B-),  3.7V(B1), 

3S 40A 18650 Li-Ion Lithium Battery Charger Protection Board Pcb Bms 12.6V

BMS voltage cut of   10.1 v Charging is 12.6 to 18v is ok NOTE:01 1) This board is not suit high power electronic tools, if use for screwdriver and drill,electric bike series make,fishing machine , please don't buy this. Pcb Bms For Drill Motor 11.1V 12.6V Lipo Cell Module BMS activate method : Use 12.6V Li-ion  charger to charge it Scope: Nominal voltage of 3.6V, 3.7V lithium battery (including 18650,26650, polymer lithium battery) Product Size: 42 * 60 * 3.4mm (balanced version) Product weight: 9.8g (balanced version) Charging voltage: 12.6V - 13.6V Continuous discharge current (upper limit): 40A (if the cooling environment is not good, please reduce the load current use) Continuous charge current (upper limit): 20A Balance version: suitable for starting current below 80A, power 135W below the drill. Note 02 : try not to put a good battery and poor battery mixed together! Note 03 When the load of the brush motor is used, try to connect a non-polar capacitor (withstand voltage above 25V, capacity 10uF-100uF) to the motor's positive and negative terminals to prevent the reverse spike from the motor. Break the MOS tube.

DC 300W 20A CC CV Constant Current Adjustable Step Down Converter Voltage Buck Current Source Module

Specifications: Input Voltage: 6V to 40V DC(10V to 40V is suggested) Output Voltage: 1.2V to 36V DC Output Current: 20A(max.), 15A(suggested) Efficiency: 95%(24V to 12V, 20A) Output Ripple: ≤50mV Wiring Method: Terminal Short Circuit Protection: Self-recovery(cannot short circuit for long time) Size: 60 x 53 x 27mm / 2.36 x 2.08 x 1.06"   VO+: Output positive VO-: Output negative +IN: Input positive -IN: Input negative CV: Output voltage adjustment CC: Output current adjustment EN: Enable, low voltage level shut off output; suspension, high voltage level is effective When input and output is common grounded, no-load CV output constant voltage,CC output constant current  

DDR3 1333 pc3 10600 2Gb Ram Kingston

used 2200LKR 1 month warranty Kingston  2Gb ram

DDR3 1333 pc3 10600 4Gb Ram Kingston

used 4000LKR 1 month warranty Kingston  4Gb ram

KALU HEENATI කළු හීනටි

1kg KALU HEENATI කළු හීනටි

Mini DC-DC 4.5V-35V 5A 90W PWM DC Motor Speed Controller Module Speed Regulator Control Adjust Adjustable Board Switch 12V 24V

Working voltage: DC4.5V-35V
Output current: 0.5A
Output power: 90W (maximum)
PWM frequency: 20KHz
Product size: 30mmx26mmx14mm/1.18x1.02x0.55''
Product weight: 14g
Warm Tips:
1. DC positive and negative terminals do not reverse, otherwise the governor may be damaged.
2. The motor can be divided into positive and negative directions. When the direction of operation is not consistent with the expectation, the direction can be changed by adjusting the line order.
3. Adjusting the potential meter knob can change the duty cycle of the governor and change the speed of the motor.
Package Included:
1 x Mini 5A 90W PWM 4.5-35V DC-DC Motor Speed Controller Module Regulator Adjustable